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PK1852 - XD Power Steering Pump and Remote Reservoir Kit for 1995-2006 Jeep 4.0L


A complete CBR pump and remote reservoir kit which is an essential steering system upgrade for any 1995-2006 4.0L Jeep TJ and XJ. An essential product to improve low RPM performance and ensures optimum steering efficiency on any project that includes installing a PSC Cylinder Assist Steering Kit.



SP32362JP Power Steering Pump 

SR146 Remote Reservoir Kit with Hose & Fittings

MR18K Remote Reservoir Mounting Bracket


When upgrading to PK1852X, purchase HK2024 DIY high pressure host kit to connect the power steering pump to the steering gearbox.

PSC recommends SWEPCO 715 Power Steering Fluid for PSC Steering Systems.

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