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FLEX ERA® 4 - Single Light Master Kit


Standing as the powerhouse big brother of the KC FLEX ERA family, the KC FLEX ERA® 4 doesn't shy away from challenges. With an IP68 rating, amber backlighting, high-intensity LEDs, and customizable beam patterns, bezels, and covers, it's primed and ready to allow you to Adventure Further®!

The KC FLEX ERA® 4 is your guiding light to thrilling adventures. This powerhouse is ready to light up the blindest corners and the darkest trails and will turn daunting terrains into exhilarating challenges. This genre-bending light retains the iconic features of its FLEX ERA brethren: High-Performance Output, Versatility, Customization, Durability, and Distinctive Aesthetic Design.

The biggest and most powerful light in the FLEX ERA Family, the FE4 glows above the rest with a staggering 7,912 lumens of intense brightness, encapsulated in a sturdy 5" by 5" casing. The light's trail-blazing potency will etch light deep into the darkness, delivering unswerving stability and visibility.

The FLEX ERA® 4 transforms to match your needs perfectly, thanks to its customizable beam pattern lens, changeable colored bezels, and light shields.

At the heart of it all, the powerful FLEX ERA® 4 isn't just about lighting up the trail, it's about illuminating the spirit of Adventure. Whether you're off-roading in Jeeps, Trucks, Sprinter Vans, UTVs, or SUVs, the FE4 beckons you to fire it up and let the good times blaze!


-Master Kit includes all Beam Pattern Lenses:
      -Pre-assembled in Combo Beam
      -Spot Beam Lenses
-Two Power Modes for Style and Performance
      -Amber LED Backlight
      -Full Power (off-road use only)
-Mountable right side up or upside-down
-Customizable Machined Bezel Colors (sold separately)
-High-Performance Output with 7,912 lumens
-Versatile to be used as ditch lights, bumper lights, and even overhead lights, on various vehicles such as Jeeps, Trucks, Sprinter Vans, and UTVs.
-Thermal LED Protection
-IP68 Rated - Race-Proven Durability

Strength and Style - From end to end, the FLEX ERA 4 shines with its unique character. Its distinctive, purposefully finned housing design underscores its strength and flair. 7,912 lumens per light ensure you'll never get lost in the dark again.

Master Kit - Gone are the days of guessing which beam pattern is right for you. The KC FLEX ERA® 4 Master Kit provides two lights, both beam lenses, spare o-rings, black and yellow KC logo covers, plus a full wiring kit. Spend less time tinkering and more time trailblazing with everything you need in one convenient kit.

Independent Amber LED Backlight - The FLEX ERA® 4 helps you stand out in the crowd thanks to its Amber LED backlight. This can be used on-road or off-road, daytime or nighttime, and gives you an added touch of style.

Flexible Aesthetics - In classic FLEX ERA® tradition, the FE4 features the ability to change and update the color of the bezel from gold to blue, black, or red to match your rig. Fine-tune the light one step further with the Clear or Amber shields based on your needs.

Whether you're using a switching system or need to wire your own we've got you covered. Everything you need is included in the box. See our easy installation video to get up and running quickly.

-(1) KC® FLEX ERA® 4 LED Lights
-(1) Combo Beam Lenses (pre-installed)
-(1) Spot Beam Lenses
-(1) Light Covers - Black with Yellow KC Logo

-RAW Lumens: 7,912 lm @5000K
-LUX @ 10 meters: 1,610 lx (combo) / 1,800 lx (spot)
-Candela: 161,000 cd (combo) / 180,000 cd (spot)
-Beam Distance (Meters): 324m (combo) / 591m (spot)
-Beam Pattern: Combo/Spot

-Wattage: 80W
-Amp Draw: 6.7A @ 12V
-Voltage: 9V-36V
-IP Rating: IP68
-Product Dimensions: W - 5.0" x H - 5.0" x D - 3.27"