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Honda Talon Cage Builder Kit



  • Cage bungs with wire hole (2 pcs) for 1.75″ dia
  • Cage bungs without wire hole (2 or 4 pcs) for 1.75″ dia
  • ALL Cage bungs without wire hole for 2″ dia (4 or 6 pcs)
  • Rear Tube Supports (2 pcs)
  • Motor support (1 pc)
  • Harness bar brackets (2 pcs)
  • Bed tie downs (2 pcs)
  • Bed support brackets (2 pcs)
  • Exhaust mounts (2 pcs)

Our Honda Talon Cage Builder Kit contains the main components to build your own Honda Talon cage.  This kit includes four or six cage bungs depending on the number of seat selected above along with the rear tube support, motor support, harness bar brackets, bed tie downs, bed support brackets, and exhaust mounts.  These mounts do not have threads.  You will need to supply the nuts.  With our 1.75″ diameter cage bungs 2 will come with wire hole and the remaining will be without wire hole.  Minor trimming will need done to the rear tube supports for the 2″ diameter tubing they fit the 1.75″ diameter correct.

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