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Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ Ruffstuff Front Bumper


Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ Ruffstuff Front Bumper

At just 43 7/16" wide our new TJ/LJ front bumper gives you full protection for the cab area yet allows for a tremendous approach angle. True to form, where other companies see bumpers as "Eye Candy" and make them very thin so they can be made cheap we build ours from substantially thicker 1/4" steel. Making our bumpers stronger allows them to actually protect you while looking great!

Our front bumpers all come with an integral winch mount for the most popular winches, if you have something else you can always drill a few holes and it will work fine. A fair lead mount is attached also for either steel or synthetic winch rope.

  • Tow Clevis Mounts are now available!
  • These bumpers come unpainted so you can match colors.
  • 2003 and newer TJ/LJ's may require notching for the steering box (see picture). Check fitment and notch accordingly.
  • Will fit YJ/CJ with some modification (oblong mounting holes and clearance bottom of bumper for spring mounts)

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