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Odyssey Single Battery Box


Odyssey Single Battery Box

Made these with the Fabricator in mind. These are made of 1 piece of steel, no welds needed! We made them with very tight tolerances so the battery will not move around and the top plate is also cut in a shape to fit the battery. They have no predetermined location holes cut in them so you can use them as best suits your project without having to work around someone else's idea of how it should be done!

We used mild steel because stainless just isn't necessary in something that is not a show truck and why add $50 to the cost if you don't have to? These are for an Odyssey PC1500DT (34/78 series) battery, the most popular size. The Odyssey/Diehard battery can mount to either side and they are unidirectional so you can't mount them wrong!

  • Odyssey Group 34/78 PC1500DT
  • Battery box inside dimensions: 10 3/16"(L) x 6 3/4"(W) x 7"(H)
  • Yes you read that correctly, these measurements are different from the dimensions listed on Odyssey's website. Odyssey includes the terminals and battery cap dimensions which sit above our boxes sides/ hold down.

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