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Polaris RZR 1000 XP front flag mount


RZR 1000 XP Flag Mount

If you live in Michigan, you know you need a flag to cruise around in the off road parks or at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Quickly mount your flag with our RZR 1000 XP Flag mount. Therefore allowing you more time to ride without having to worry about having to make a mount.

The mount is cut from 1/8″ Aluminum and left raw. You’re able to easily paint it to match your color scheme. This installs in just a few minutes while providing a snug, tight fit. These mounts will hold up no matter what terrain you’re riding in.

This mount is not exclusive to just Michigan SxS. If you decide to mount a flag on any 1000 XP, you’re able to do so and rock whatever you’d like.

While on the topic of safety, our Quick release fire extinguisher mounts also work well on any SxS. Be prepared for everything you may encounter out riding.